20 million for a good cause

“This is the basic Christian mission”
This year marks a special donation anniversary. The 20 millionth euro is distributed – women’s shelter projects in Tyrol and Vorarlberg each receive 50,000 euros. The President of the Brotherhood of St. Christoph, Dr. Benno Elbs, Bishop of Feldkirch: “Helping and supporting people in need: That is the basic Christian mission that we in the Brotherhood of St. Christoph try to live out. If we now pass on the 20 millionth euro to people in need, then that shows above all: charity is not from yesterday, but an attitude for today and tomorrow. I would like to thank all members and donors for their support and their great commitment, which gives people a sigh of relief and gives them confidence.”

accompaniment and support
"The house mother & child in Feldkirch offers pregnant women and young mothers who - for whatever reason - cannot live alone and need support in caring for their child, a safe temporary home. Here they can find peace of mind and, through professional support, strengthen themselves enough to be able to master their lives in a trusting and independent manner again,” says Caritas director Walter Schmolly, explaining the mission of the facility. The house manager, Doris Müller, knows how important it is to have a beautifully and spaciously designed playground for the mother and child house. “The playground expands the living space and is also an important educational place. Playing lets you experience joy and gives strengthening community experiences between the young families. We are therefore very grateful to the Brotherhood of St. Christoph for the generous donation that enables us to redesign the playground.” Gabriele Graf, member of the state parliament, adds: “On behalf of the state councilor Martina Rüscher (sister of the Brotherhood of St. Christoph) and myself, we thank you thank you very much for the generous donation. We are extremely pleased that the mother-child center was chosen by Caritas in Feldkirch. With this donation, a heart project of the employees and the head of the department can be implemented. Above all, many children will have great fun with it.”

Women's shelter project is also supported in Tyrol
In addition to the Vorarlberg women’s shelter project, the St. Christoph Brotherhood also supports another project in Tyrol, also with 50,000 euros. The Tyrolean member of parliament Elisabeth Pfurtscheller (also a sister of the Brotherhood of St. Christoph) fought for this project for a long time: “Women affected by domestic violence and their children need a place of refuge, also in the Tyrolean Oberland! I am therefore very pleased that a women's shelter is currently being built here - in the west of Tyrol" and says thank you: "I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the extremely generous financial support from the Brotherhood of St. Christoph! True to the motto of the brotherhood 'see - help - act', this donation supports those in the Oberland who are dependent on the help of others. Every euro is urgently needed to protect women, who usually only have to flee their tormentors equipped with the bare essentials, and to enable them to start a new, non-violent life.”
Words of thanks also come from Gabi Plattner, the managing director of Frauenhaus Tirol: "A heartfelt thank you that the Brotherhood of St. Christoph would like to make a donation to the Frauenhaus - explicitly the new women's shelter in the Tyrolean Oberland -" and: "It's been a long time clear that the state of Tyrol must and wants to expand the structure of services for women and children affected by violence. After a long search, a suitable property was found in the Tyrolean Oberland.” The location is being kept secret for security reasons. The Brotherhood's donation will be used for the ongoing operation of the women's shelter in the Tyrol Oberland. The construction work is currently in full swing – but it should be completed this year. "This house will offer space for five families," explains Gabi Plattner and: "We expect to move in this year."