About us

The Brotherhood St. Christoph was founded in 1386 by Heinrich the Foundling, an orphan and simple herdsman. The Brotherhood now has over 20,000 members from all over the world and is one of the largest charitable institution in the alpine region.

The Brotherhood St. Christoph has devoted its efforts to providing assistance to families with children who are in difficulties. The institution is financed by the annual subscriptions of its members, and by additional donations and benefit events. Because the Brothers and Sisters have always acted in an honorary capacity, not a single Euro has been spent on administrative costs in the last decades. For the past 600 years the Brotherhood has always been marked by people who were prepared to do something for their poor and suffering fellow man.

Nowadays it is above all the Werner family, who have been running the Brotherhood since its re-establishment in 1962. The Arlberg-Hospiz Hotel in St. Christoph is the headquarters of the Brotherhood. 


Our credo

Our credo is to help. In accordance with Heinrich Findelkind the founder’s motto from 1386, „how good and pleasant it is to be at peace with brothers“, the Brotherhood tries to help wherever it can.

Our history

The Brotherhood St. Christoph has a rich history, reaching back over 600 years. United we want to be an anchor for people in distress. We see ourselves as a group of generations, which stretches across the globe. The values from the first initiatives are still our central idea today.

Our tradition

A social charitable organization which has existed for over 600 years is naturally rich in tradition. The maintenance and continuation of these practices and conventions is important to our community.

The Brotherhood Council

The Brotherhood Council is the Executive Board of the Brotherhood St. Christoph. It performs the functions of a general meeting, and serves to take common decisions.

Activities Report

The Activities Report provides an overview of all the work done by the Brotherhood St. Christoph.


Manuscripts of the coats of arms

Heinrich Findelkind was full of ideas, and collected the money he needed to build the hospice and chapel from rich sponsors. He travelled with his companions throughout Europe, equipped with his „book of messengers“(or armorial).

Letters of Indulgence

With help from letters of indulgence, Heinrich Findelkind was able to inspire numerous people to donate money. We have saved and kept original documents from that time.

The Charter

The charter, endorsed by Pope Boniface IX, from 1397.

Safe passage over the Arlberg was also extremely important to the church. This charter to build the Brotherhood's Chapel was recieved by Heinrich from Pope Boniface in 1397. The original is located in Stift Stams.