Financial Officer: Mayor Dietmar Tschohl, Klösterle


I have joined the Brotherhood because




DIETMAR TSCHOHL – Member of the Brotherhood Council


My personal life career


I was born in 1969 in Klösterle, Volksschule Klösterle, Haupstschule in Innerbraz, HAK Bludenz, Berufsschuler der Tischler in Dornbirn, 1986 – 1995 Carpenter, 1995 – 1999 Bauhofleiter of the municipality Klösterle and Vice-Mayor, since 1999 Mayor of the municipality Klösterle a. A.



Why did I join the Brotherhood?


Because the communal help for people in need is one of the essential pillars of peaceful social coexistence.



Why am I so active in the Brotherhood St. Christoph?


To at least spend a piece of my time working for a good cause.



Were do the strengths oft he Brotherhood lie?


In the ability to quickly and direct help the people in need.



Where do I see room for improvement?


It is of the utmost importance to deliver fast and direct assistance to those who are suffering.



Is there a special Donation Project you are particularly proud of, where the
Brotherhood´s help was especially important?


The 2005 floods in Vorarlberg and Tirol. With the fast help of the Brotherhood many families could be helped back on their feet.