Our tradition

A social charitable organization which has existed for over 600 years is naturally rich in tradition. The maintenance and continuation of these practices and conventions is important to our community.

Brotherhood weekend

St. Christoph has been the setting for the yearly Brotherhood weekend since 1934 ?, which is characterized by the honouring of longtime members and the traditional blessing of automobiles.

Holy mass

The Brotherhood chapel is the spiritual centre of the Brotherhood. During the winter months, Saturday evening mass is celebrated here at 5.30 p.m.

Brotherhood emblem

All members are allowed to wear the emblem as an exclusive element of the Brotherhood.

Admission ritual

„In accordance with Brotherhood tradition, with this stroke you are now one of us!“

With these words new Sisters and Brothers are admitted to the Brotherhood by means of the sword dubbing.

Book of Members

All newly admitted Sisters and Brothers are entered into the Book of Members after the ceremony, with their membership number, name and signature.

The tradition of the emblem books is thus carried on with the Book of Members, of which there are now eight volumes.


Pilgrimage has become more favoured in recent decades, especially the Trail of St. James (Camino de Santiago trail). It is both an individual and a shared form of spiritual journey. The pilgrims‘ way is just as important as the goal.


We lay great value on maintaining our community. Our annual meeting fosters our solidarity, gives us the opportunity to strengthen our ties and unites our generations.

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